150 years – Link-Belt Excavators
150 years

150 years

150 years

The LINK-BELT brand is turning 150 this year and LBX Company is celebrating all year.

The idea...

In 1874, William Dana Ewart – a farm implement dealer, proposed that a drive chain could be constructed of several detachable links thus creating the “Link-Belt” brand. When wear and tear caused one piece or link to break, the defective section of the chain could easily be replaced right in the field, thus eliminating costly downtime for the farmers. 150 years later, the reputation for providing solutions to real workplace problems is still thriving.

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The brand...

The Link-Belt brand has evolved over the years.

The company...

LBX Company was founded in 1998 to market Link-Belt Excavators, Link-Belt Forestry Equipment, and Link-Belt Material Handling Equipment in North and South America.

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The solution...

From the Quantum Series to the modern day X4S.

What Does Link-Belt Mean to You?

What does the Link-Belt brand mean to you? All of 2024 we’re giving away $150 to the LBX gift store each month to a random submission telling us their story with Link-Belt.

150 years

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