AED Visits LBX on “Driving For Dealers – The AED RV Membership Tour” – Link-Belt Excavators

AED Visits LBX on “Driving For Dealers – The AED RV Membership Tour”

AED Visits LBX on “Driving For Dealers – The AED RV Membership Tour”

LBX was proud to host the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) on their “Driving For Dealers – The AED RV Membership Tour” on Wednesday, April 28th, at our Customer Experience Center in Lexington, KY for a conversation with local leaders.

AED has embarked on a nine-day multi-city motor coach tour visiting equipment dealers across the Midwest and South Central Regions to underscore the need for a robust federal infrastructure bill.

“A new, long-term, sustainable federal infrastructure bill is critical to moving our nation forward,” stated AED President & CEO Brian P. McGuire. “Infrastructure jobs will go a long way toward economic recovery as we begin to move past the pandemic. We know our members are looking to elected leaders in Washington to break the logjam and finally produce the bill America needs to ‘Build Back Better’.”

The meeting was attended by Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton, and Chief Development Officer, Kevin Atkins, Stephanie Nelson of US Senator Mitch McConnell’s Office, Tatum Dale of Congressman Andy Barr’s Office, Bob Quick, Gina Greathouse, and Andi Johnson of Commerce Lexington, Inc, and Melvin Porter of Link-Belt Cranes.

“Many thanks to our AED Friends and Partners for embarking on another road trip to underscore the need for a long overdue federal infrastructure bill, while taking the time to stop by our facility in Lexington, Kentucky to meet with our State and Local representatives,” stated LBX Company President & CEO Eric Sauvage. “Our LBX family of employees, dealers, partners, and customers know too well that failing to address this critical issue will result in our nation’s roads and traffic worsening and our economy slowing down. Additionally, we could be at risk of falling behind other countries who have continued to heavily invest in their infrastructure, which could put us at a competitive disadvantage.”

“The LBX organization was honored to work with our good friends and partners at AED and our state and local officials to push forward this important infrastructure proposal, which is vital to this great countries safety and future,” added Vice President of Sales and Marketing, North America, Don Harvell.

For more information on AED’s Driving for Dealers tour, please visit AED’s social media outlets, and search the hashtag #AEDDrivingforDealers, for daily messaging, interviews with members, and media coverage.