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Link-Belt RemoteCARE® – now at your fingertips! Manage your Link-Belt equipment with this user friendly telematics management tool with GPS technology. The RemoteCARE App provides timely and reliable machine utilization – as well as assisting in DTC notifications. With RemoteCARE you will be able to remotely monitor and track your machines location, operational performance, and working status.

Features include…

  • Machine location
  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Utilization report
  • Analytics snapshots
  • Idle rate
  • DTC notification history
  • Favorite list

RemoteCARE subscription required to utilize this app. RemoteCARE telematics is included with no subscription fees and applies to all RemoteCARE-equipped X3, X4, and 40-Series forestry machines sold or leased after April 1, 2014.

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Link-Belt Excavators Toolbox

Link-Belt Excavators Toolbox gives you the tools needed to gain a competitive edge selling across the entire line of Link-Belt Excavators, Forestry Equipment, and Material Handlers. Quickly look up equipment specifications to share with your customers. Dive in to results from our factory testing or see money saved on fuel within a day or all the way up to a month with our highly anticipated interactive fuel calculator! Access data anytime – including away from cell service.

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