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Inland Counts on RemoteCARE Telematics

Inland Counts on RemoteCARE Telematics

RemoteCARE® telematics is a key component of Inland’s product support practices. The western Canadian dealer is one of the biggest users of the system in North America. LBX talked with two of their most prolific users, Dale Felhauer, Branch Manager, Cranbrook, BC and Ross Abel, Branch Manager, Williams Lake, BC.

Both Dale and Ross have been using RemoteCARE for more than 3 years. Besides routine monitoring of machines for Diagnostic Trouble Codes, they regularly access the system to track machine locations, update hours, check fuel consumption, monitor temperatures and check DEF efficiency.

“I use machine temperature reports to help customers manage possible overheats during warm ambient temps,” Ross said. “I use fuel efficiency to build confidence with the customer in buying a Link-Belt machine.”

“The system is especially useful for rental machines. I pull reports to keep track of hours of usage,” Dale remarked. “We can easily track a machine that was rented in a remote area and be able to pinpoint its location, whether it was working or not.”

“We have been able to work together with machine owners to complement their maintenance practices,” Ross said. “We have been able to sell machines based on the proof in RemoteCARE of excellent fuel efficiency.”

“Customers sometimes experience unique benefits with RemoteCARE. For example, finding logging machines that require maintenance when a customer isn’t exactly sure where the machines are can greatly cut down on a service technician’s travel costs.”

“We all know the long-term effects of overheats from lack of cooling package cleaning and maintenance, which can severely reduce the longevity of all related components.” Ross said. “RemoteCARE has helped customers by being able to see escalating machine temps while viewing from their office, thus ensuring their staff increases their maintenance intervals.”

“With the RemoteCARE app loaded on a cell phone, customers don’t even need a PC top get the full benefits of the system,” Dale said.

“I always stress how easy RemoteCARE is to use compared to other manufacturers’ systems,” Ross added, “and explain how forecasting fuel expense can be beneficial when negotiating rates in the industry.”

“When a new machine is delivered to a customer, our Sales and Service Staff work with the customer to help them get comfortable with using RemoteCARE,” Ross said.
“I can say from experience that RemoteCARE is extremely easy to use and navigate,” Ross concluded. “It has everything it should have.”