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Link-Belt 355 X4S Introduced

Link-Belt 355 X4S Introduced

LBX Company is pleased to announce the Link-Belt 355 X4S excavator for North America. This machine is the flagship model of the upcoming X4S Series, built upon the strong foundation of our award-winning X4 Series with added functionality and some exciting new features. It’s also the largest minimum swing radius excavator in the Link-Belt product lineup, weighing approximately 78,709 lbs.

“Through customer and dealer feedback, the 355 X4S has incorporated features and performance that have come to be expected from the Link-Belt brand,” said Adam Woods, LBX Manager of Innovation and Technology Integration. “The 355 X4S offers the power of a large machine at a lower weight, and the fuel efficiency and high productivity provide operators with lower daily operating costs.”

A shortened tail swing with plenty of balance and power gives the 355 X4S the versatility to meet the growing needs of today’s busy contractors. It is ideal for road construction and maintenance, residential or commercial excavation, site prep, pipeline construction, sewer, utilities work, and demolition projects. Adding to that versatility is a long list of available buckets, thumbs, and coupler options available to order with the machine.

The 355 X4S is powered by a strong and efficient 6-cylinder Isuzu Final Tier 4 engine that produces 205 hp while maintaining our legacy of fuel efficiency and high productivity without the need for a DPF to maintain. There are now 4 work modes, all with varying levels of selectable rpm settings giving the operator greater flexibility and more options to fine-tune the level of work they are trying to complete. The new Eco mode offers a solution to those who hold fuel economy as the top priority, and the new Lifting mode ensures power boost is always on during those lower rpm crane tasks. An optional reversible fan is available to help clean out the radiator and keep the engine running cool and free of debris.

The 355 X4S is equipped with a newly designed, full-size cab that offers more operator room and comfort when compared to a traditional MSR machine. It’s ROPS and FOPS Level 1 certified from the factory and has mounting bosses already installed to add factory guarding packages. The additional headroom and legroom pair nicely with the high-back air suspension seat with heat and tilt functions built in to enhance the operator experience. The overall cab layout has been improved by adding on-screen climate controls with better airflow, onboard Bluetooth, dual cup holders, and a smartphone storage tray relocating the 12V outlet upfront, a free-swing switch, better spaced and more comfortable footrests, and a straight travel pedal. These features and more make this new cab the roomiest and most comfortable operator environment ever.

Topping off the cab experience is a new 10” LCD monitor that gives the operator greater visibility of machine functions and safety features. This is evident in the ability to display 3 camera images, if equipped, at the same time while still monitoring machine information and notifications. The 355 X4S comes standard with two high-resolution cameras, one at the rear of the machine and one on the right-hand side of the machine. The optional WAVES® camera system adds a third camera and gives the operator a full 270o view around the machine, which is the ultimate in job site safety. Also, through the new monitor, operators can customize joystick button assignments and the monitor buttons themselves to activate frequently used functions and screens instead of relying on the factory defaults alone.

Customization has also made its way to some new hydraulic functions on the machine. When setting up work tools, individual names can be created and stored in the monitor, making it quicker and more user-friendly to choose the correct settings for the installed tool. Operators can also prioritize and distribute hydraulic flow to arm-in, boom-up, or swing functions, depending on the immediate need of the job, directly through the monitor. This level of interaction has never been achieved on an excavator before, and the new 355 X4S is leading the way to incorporate more of this technology.

This machine is also fully backed by a 5-year/5,000-hour full machine warranty and a 5-year/10,000- hour Structural Warranty. Serviceability remains a strong selling feature and focal point with ground-level access to all regular maintenance items and easy-to-use oil sample valves. The 355 X4S will come standard with a new dual-band modem to improve RemoteCARE communication and functionality with greater range and real-time data capabilities. RemoteCARE is a beneficial equipment analytics tool that provides 24/7 remote monitoring, machine health, and security features.

Link-Belt 355 X4S Specification Breakdown

Operating Weight – 78,709 lbs. (35 702 kg)
Max Dig Depth – 22’10” (6.95 m)
Max Reach @ Ground Level – 34’8” (10.57 m)
Bucket Digging Force – 39,340 lbf (175 kN)
Engine Make – Isuzu
Engine Model – AQ-6HK1X
Net Horsepower – 205 hp (153 kW) @ 1,800 rpm
Max Travel Speed – 1.7 – 2.7 mph (2.8 – 4.4 km/h)

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