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New Link-Belt® 4040 TL Forestry Machine Now Available

4040 TL

The Link-Belt 4040 TL Forestry Machine is now available for the US and for Canada, with an option for High-Wide or High-Narrow undercarriages to meet transport requirements. Models can be equipped with Live-Heel or Butt-N-Top attachments for log-loading applications. Designed specifically for the 4040 TL, both side- and rear-entry Oregon-OSHA 8082-2 certified forestry cabs are available from the factory, with sky roof and escape hatch.

This new “40 Series” of forestry equipment features an advanced, electronically-controlled Isuzu engine that meets Final Tier 4 requirements, with up to 18% improved fuel economy than previous models, and with minimized DEF usage— less than 3% against fuel consumption. Experience less downtime due to refuel, with a 55% capacity increased fuel tank and a 50-to-1 diesel to DEF closing ratio. In addition, there is no diesel particulate filter (DPF) maintenance constraint.

The cab offers unprecedented operator ergonomics, comfort and visibility. The SCM air-suspension, heated seat provides exceptional lumbar support and reclines at a 65° angle for a relaxed environment during breaks. Arm rests move proportionally with the console, which means that the distance and angle between joysticks and operator remains the same, no matter how the seat is adjusted. With a large, 7-inch LED color monitor to interface with the machine, an operator can easily navigate a full menu of user-friendly controls to take full command of the excavator and attachments. The standard rear-view camera displays a panoramic view of the work site from the rear of the machine, with sight guidelines added for increased safety. The Wide Angle View Enhancement System (WAVES) can be added to provide a full 270° viewing envelope with no blind spots. Other notable cab features include: remote fob-activated HID lighting; a cup holder and storage areas for cell phones and other small items; newly designed joysticks with easy-to-hold grip and radio mute buttons; new MP3 audio input, Bluetooth-enabled for hands-free communication.

The 4040 TL is equipped with the RemoteCARE® GPS-enabled telematics system, enabling 24/7 remote monitoring and security. RemoteCARE tracks routine and major service intervals, as well as current machine health, providing more flexibility and control when determining when and where to service machines. The system also provides machine location in real time for better job supervision and remote security monitoring. Flashing diagnostic codes on the monitor quickly alert the operator to potential trouble. Servicing is a snap, with convenient, ground-level access to all routine service points, including sample ports for engine and hydraulic oil. All service ports can be accessed via hand-turn knobs, with no tools needed.

The 4040 TL was introduced last month at the 2015 Oregon Logging Conference in Eugene. Prior to the show, Travis Smouse of Emerald Valley Thinning, Philomath, Oregon participated in a field test of the new machine. “They really listened to the customer and gave us what we were looking for,” Smouse said. “One of the first things you notice on the 4040 TL is that its track power is really good. Arm and boom speed is very fast, much quicker and more powerful than previous models. They hit a homerun with the 4040 TL; it’s a beast!”

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