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New York Industries Rely on Link-Belt Excavators for Heavy Lifting

Link-Belt Excavator equipment at a Staten Island Recycling Facility

Link-Belt Excavators exhibit a multitude of uses, from a Staten Island Recycling Center to the crowded streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan. 


Certainly, if anyone in New York understands the recycling business, it is Faztec Industries. For 30 years, Faztec has provided recycling for a wide range of materials, including dirt, rock, asphalt, concrete, bricks, and soil. Located in Staten Island, New York, the recycling facility collects and reprocesses material from multiple area work sites.

As a competitive industry in the five boroughs, Faztec demands equipment that can withstand the wear and tear of heavy materials day in and day out. Pat Lamano, the supervisor for Faztec, explains, “we’re pretty much working six days a week, year-round.”

First, Faztec receives raw material, then its moved, separated, graded, and processed. Therefore, each machine’s performance is critical to the overall success of the operations at Faztec, so choosing durable equipment is essential.

For Faztec, choosing wisely means going with Link-Belt Excavators. “A big part of the job is to be able to have the right machines and the right tools for the job. It has been a very positive experience; we have had no issues with the machines at all,” Lamano explains.

Link-Belt excavator moving dirt


After plunders with other brands, Faztec landed on Link-Belt machines due to ease of serviceability. Usability is a key factor, especially when machines work around the clock. Currently, Faztec boasts three Link-Belt machines, two 350 X4’s, and a 235 X3.

“We are able to get parts in quickly; it’s been much easier to get service with the Link-Belts than some of the other machines we’ve had,” says Lamano. “The companies we were dealing with prior just weren’t servicing us properly, so we decided to make a change and go with Link-Belt.” Parts and service availability are essential to running any major construction company, especially since materials have been in short supply in recent years.


Lamano added that he appreciates the fact that Link-Belt machines have excellent visibility from the cab, which enhances safety protocols.

Operators work around the clock, and comfortability is a significant contributor to operator endurance. While his operators find the cabs comfortable, spacious cabs and ergonomic footrests also provide relief on long jobs.


ESSCO Truck & Equipment has provided Faztec’s construction equipment needs for over two years. ESSCO serves as a Link-Belt Excavator dealer for the construction and demolition markets in New York and New Jersey.

ESSCO provides in-house service and parts department at their Staten Island location, in addition to offering a mobile trained mechanic fleet and parts delivery service. “We’ve got good, quality machines from them; we will definitely go back,” says Lamano. “All of my operators are very happy with the Link-Belt machines.”

Link-Belt Excavator on a crowded street in NYC
Link-Belt 245 X4 working in Manhattan, New York


Link-Belt Excavators have the versatility to meet the growing needs of today’s busy contractors, thanks to models with a shortened tail swing. However, balance and power are not compromised with these machines. An extensive list of buckets, thumbs, and coupler options are available to order with the machine, adding equipment versatility.

Carmine Gambacorta, Director of Sales at ESSCO, also discussed a shorter tail swing and its impact on construction in the NYC area. Even with traffic whizzing past, tall buildings, and scaffolding all around, these excavators are able to maneuver the crowded spaces in NYC and get the job done.

Shorter tails are ideal for road construction and maintenance, residential or commercial excavation, site preparation, pipeline construction, sewer/utility work, and demolition in small spaces. The new Link-Belt 355 X4S has already earned a reputation for power and versatility, while the 245 X4 is known for its strength and adaptability.