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Precision Grade

Precision Grade Gets Jobs Done Faster, with More Accuracy than Ever Before

Link-Belt® Precision Grade®-powered by Trimble Earthworks—enables operators of all skill levels to increase their productivity by up to 50%. No more under or over excavating! Operators see bucket position relative to the desired grade as they work, helping them achieve greater productivity through more precise and accurate machine operations. Minimal grade staking and checking enhances jobsite safety and efficiency.

Choose Link-Belt 2D Machine Guidance (MG) for consistent bucket grade and depth positioning on projects, or Link-Belt 2D Machine Control (MC) for semiautonomous operation, with the operator only controlling the arm.

Operators at all experience levels achieve improved grading productivity and accuracy with Precision Grade. While a less experienced operator can ́t generally handle the machine in the same smooth way as an experienced operator, Precision Grade helps newer operators complete their jobs faster, with greater accuracy and a higher level of confidence, saving significant time and money.

Get it Right the First Time with 2D Machine Guidance

The 2D Machine Guidance (MG) system eliminates under or over excavating on projects such as trenching for underground utilities, digging footers and basements, site prep, building roads and mass excavation. Simply input the target depth and slope required from the job and the system will provide visual and audible indication to help maintain the desired grade. The 2D MG system utilizes external inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensors to provide highly accurate guidance at a lower cost compared to in-cylinder sensors.

Precision Grade
Precision Grade
2D Machine Control Enables Semiautomatic Operation

The Link-Belt 2D Machine Control (MC)–powered by Trimble Earthworks—system enables operators to create smooth, flat or sloped surfaces, with less fatigue at the end of the day. User controls the arm and 2D MC controls the boom and bucket to stay on grade. This added precision and control prevents overcut and increases production. Ideal for applications that require the last pass to perfectly match the desired target grade whether it is a flat or sloping surface. Operator remains in full control and can override the semiautomatic function anytime.

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    Precision Grade moves materials right the first time. You’ll finish in fewer passes and use less fuel along the way. Contact your Link-Belt Excavators dealer for more information. Not available on all machines.

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