RemoteCARE – Frequently Asked Questions – Link-Belt Excavators
RemoteCARE – Frequently Asked Questions

RemoteCARE – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about RemoteCARE? We’ve compiled a FAQ that will hopefully answer most questions you’ll have. As always, contact your Local Dealer if you can’t find what you’re looking for here.

How do I register for RemoteCARE?

Simply fill out the Registration Form on the RemoteCARE login page. Completely fill out the form and click Submit. Within 48 hrs. you will receive your Login ID and Temporary Password. When you Login for the first time the system will ask you to change your temporary password to a permanemt password.

How do I activate RemoteCARE on a Link-Belt X4S?

To activate RemoteCARE on a Link-Belt X4S series excavator, download our X4S Activation Instructions.

What type of alerts can I receive through RemoteCARE?

Email alerts include…

  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Periodic Service Due Codes
  • Periodic Service Past Due
  • Periodic Service Completed
  • Low Fuel Warning
  • Low Def Fluid
  • Antitheft Machine Restricted
  • Antitheft Trace Mode
  • Antitheft Geofence Alert
  • Antitheft Curfew Alert
  • Antitheft GPS Signal Lost

What all does RemoteCARE monitor and report?

With RemoteCARE you can receive Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly operational reports, Machine Operating Condition Reports, and Periodic Service Reports. Some report examples are…

  • Machine Operating hours
  • Machine non-operational hours
  • Operating Dates and Time Periods
  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Location
  • Engine RPM’s (Max.)
  • Engine Operating Hours
  • Fuel density (Min.)
  • Upper structure operation hrs.
  • Swing/travel operation hrs.
  • SP/H/A mode operation hrs.

Which Link-Belt Excavator equipment is RemoteCARE compatible?

RemoteCARE will work on any of our Link-Belt X3 Series and above. Some machines may require a Retro-Fit Kit to work. Check with your local dealer to find out more.

How is data RemoteCARE sent?

RemoteCARE data is sent and monitored via satellite.

What does RemoteCARE cost?

RemoteCARE telematics is included with no subscription fees. This coverage is retroactive and applies to all RemoteCARE-equipped X3, X4 and 40-Series forestry machines sold or leased after April 1, 2014.

What is a "Favorite"?

You can mark machines as a “Favorite” in the RemoteCARE App for quicker access to more commonly used machines in your fleet.

  • To add a Favorite, search the serial number and then click the yellow star.
  • To search a Favorite, tap the star icon in the search results access your favorites.
  • To view saved/untag Favorites go to Settings > Favorites inside the app – or click the Favorites check box from the search settings.

  • RemoteCARE – Frequently Asked Questions
    Who can access RemoteCARE information?

    RemoteCARE is ideal for customers or dealers through any web-ready Desktop or Laptop computer – or by using our RemoteCARE app.

    Does RemoteCARE have a phone/tablet app?

    Yes, we currently have an app available for Apple (iOS 8.0+) and Android (4.0.3+). You may download it at

    What features are available on the RemoteCARE app?

    Right now features include…

    • Machine location
    • Fuel consumption
    • Fuel efficiency
    • Utilization report
    • Analytics snapshots
    • Idle rate
    • DTC notification history
    • Favorite list

    What do I need to be able to use the RemoteCARE app?

    To use RemoteCARE, you will need an active RemoteCARE subscription and Apple (iOS 8.0+) or Android (4.0.3+) with internet. Data charges subject to carrier pricing.

    Is there a maximum number of Favorites?

    No, there is no limitation on the number of Favorites.

    What are Favorite -DTC- codes on the RemoteCARE app homepage?

    For your convenience, unresolved DTC codes of your Favorite units that have occurred within the last 2 days – today & previous day. Cleared DTC will automatically be removed.

    What is log?

    RemoteCARE has functionality to send the App communication log to our system administrator. When communications issues happen in the App, the system administrator may ask you to use this function to investigate root cause. Please follow system administrator instruction if this functionality usage is required.

    What are the different DTC icons?

    There are two different icons for the DTC…

    • The Yellow icon is regular DTC.
    • The Red icon requires is a more urgent DTC that requires immediate action.