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24/7 Remote Monitoring and Security for Your Machine

Link-Belt RemoteCARE® is an equipment based – user friendly, management tool that combines Telematics with GPS technology. RemoteCARE will provide timely and reliable machine utilization and operational information, plus assist in theft prevention by offering 24-hour surveillance and geofencing capabilities. With RemoteCARE you will be able to remotely monitor and track your machines location, operational performance, working status and periodic maintenance requirements. You will also have the ability to receive daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports to help you better manage your job requirements and asset investments. To sweeten the deal even more, RemoteCARE is included with NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES.


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RemoteCare Monitors
  • Machine location
  • Geo-fence and curfew functions
  • Actual fuel consumption
  • Fuel levels
  • Hour meter reading
  • Radiator water temperature
  • Fleet utilization
  • Attachment working hours
  • Service maintenance reminders
  • Service warning history


Minimize Downtime For Equipment Maintenance
RemoteCARE tracks and records both routine and major service intervals for your machines, giving you more flexibility and control when scheduling maintenance procedures. It also lets you be more proactive if potential failure conditions arise. Whenever a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is detected, a warning message appears on the machine display, and an email alert is automatically sent to you.

Reduce Owning and Operating Costs
Using RemoteCARE, you’ll be able to reduce operating costs by identifying areas that require improvement and potential training of operators, reducing idle time, improving fuel economy and determining the environmental impact of your operating practices. You can download operational data on a daily, weekly or monthly cycle.

Keep a Close Eye on your Equipment Investment
RemoteCARE offers a number of security measures to safeguard your equipment from damage or theft. The system visually maps machine locations on the internet. If a working machine strays out of the designated work area (geo-fence), a warning alert is sent and the system changes to a tracking mode. Upon any attempt to restart the machine the engine and hydraulic performance will be severely restricted. Accordingly, if a machine is started during an after-hours curfew period, a warning message is sent and tracking mode functions are activated.

RemoteCARE App

RemoteCARE® – now at your fingertips! Manage your Link-Belt equipment with this user friendly telematics management tool with GPS technology.




You may have questions and we’d like to help – check out our FAQ section for some of the finer details.

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