Standard Warranty – Forestry, Material Handlers, and Heavy Duty – Link-Belt Excavators
Standard Warranty – Forestry, Material Handlers, and Heavy Duty

Standard Warranty – Forestry, Material Handlers, and Heavy Duty

Standard Warranty

Exceptional piece-of-mind warranty protection comes standard with Link-Belt X4 Heavy Duty, 40-Series Forestry Equipment, and X4 Material Handlers. Comprehensive coverage and maximum protection when unavoidable surprises come your way.

1. 3-year / 3,000-hour Full Machine Warranty

Standard warranty covers the full machine, including the Isuzu engine and/or any defective engine components. This warranty covers repairs due to material and/or workmanship only, and not the wear-out of a part or component. It does not cover damage due to application or attachment related repairs. Minor repairs and/or consumables are not covered, including, but not limited to, o-rings, filters, fluids, pins, bushings, bulbs, and certain undercarriage components such as sprockets, bottom rollers, carrier rollers, and idlers.

2. 5-year / 3,000-hour EPA Emissions Warranty

The EPA Emissions Warranty is a unique, federally mandated program that covers all emission-related components, including EGR, VGT, and even SCR devices – whose failure would increase an engine’s emissions of any regulated pollutant.

3. 3-year / 10,000-hour Structural Warranty

Protection from defects of major machine structures as installed at the factory. Includes arm, boom, car body, engine frame, main frame, side frame, swing frame, turntable bearing, and track frame. Severe or extreme duty applications such as demolition, wrecking, chemical, fertilizer, and scrap are not covered.

4. 3-year / 5,000-hour Powertrain Standard Warranty

Coverage of powertrain systems and components. Covers all repair parts and labor related to failures caused by defects in materials or workmanship, including engine, main hydraulic pump, control valves, swing motor and reduction, rotating joint, turntable bearing, final drive/travel reductions, transmission, travel motor, and driveshaft. Excludes engine electrics, alternator, starter, radiator, turbocharger, water pump, fuel injection equipment, fuel tank and lines, fuel transfer pump and
gaskets, and thermostat.

5. Fluid Analysis Program+

All eligible machines receive free fluid analysis kits and testing for the life of the warranty. The fluids tested are engine oil, hydraulic oil, coolant,
left and right travel reductions, and swing reduction gear oil. Sampling is required every 500 hours. If a failure occurs during the warranty period and sampling was not completed, any warranty consideration will be up to LBX Company’s discretion. Each Fluid Analysis start-up kit includes 6 sample jars, 6 return labels, 6 pieces of tubing and 1 vacuum pump.

XtraCare Extended Warranty

You can add an XtraCare Extended Warranty to help control the cost of unexpected repairs after the Standard Warranty period expires. Mix and match coverage options to create a personalized extended warranty package that best fits your operation and needs.

Add XtraCare

Standard Warranty – Forestry, Material Handlers, and Heavy Duty
Standard Warranty – Forestry, Material Handlers, and Heavy Duty
Standard Warranty - Excavators

The quality and durability of Link-Belt X4 and X4S Excavators is evident in their 5-year/5,000-hour full machine warranty.

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*All 2018 model year and newer 40 Series, X4 Material Handlers, and X4 Heavy Duty Excavators.
+Warranty coverage may be impacted by improper use of the Fluid Analysis Program. All warranty parts must be Genuine Link-Belt parts. Contact your dealer for more details.