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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Link-Belt X4 Excavator

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Link-Belt X4 Excavator
  1. Productivity & Efficiency Built in

    We know how important it is to get the job done on schedule. Link-Belt X4 Excavators have cycle time improvements of up to 12%…allowing you to finish your work quicker than ever. Link-Belt Excavators are synonymous with fuel savings. We have a strong legacy of leading the industry in saving contractors money when filling up the fuel tank, and our X4 machines continue that tradition. How does up to 12% better fuel consumption sound to you? Good…because that’s what the X4 delivers!

  2. Intelligent Hydraulics

    Hydraulics plays a larger role than most contractors realize when it comes to fuel efficiency and consistent power. An efficient hydraulic system is crucial to not overworking the engine and keeping O&O costs low. The X4’s all new hydraulic system features electronically controlled pumps that take hydraulic efficiency to the next level. They provide maximum flow and torque to improve maneuverability and increase digging power all while minimizing any hydraulic loss. We’ve also added the option to select proportional controls as part of the many different factory auxiliary hydraulics systems we offer.

  3. Final Tier 4 with no DPF

    The Link-Belt X4 Series are driven by a powerful yet efficient Isuzu engine that utilizes a cooled EGR system that takes hot exhaust gases and cools them down to be mixed with fresh air before reintroducing them into the combustion process. This helps to lower nitrogen oxide pollutants (NOx) while maintaining fuel efficiency and engine horsepower. The all-new SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system works downstream from the engine to remove pollutants to near-zero levels. This is achieved by injecting precisely measured amounts of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) into the exhaust stream to cause a chemical reaction thus breaking down those pollutants to meet the EPA’s Final Tier 4 guidelines. The good news is this system is designed with minimal maintenance in mind and with minimal DEF consumption.

  4. Shift-long Comfort

    Let’s face it…operators who spend 8 to 10 hours a day in the cab really deserve the best in comfort, and we designed the new X4 cab with them in mind! Things like an extremely comfortable, form-fitting high-back seat that’s easy to adjust, with a heated, tilting, air suspension seat available. Or maybe it’s the AM/FM sound system with the auxiliary audio port to listen to the music/news of your choice while you operate. Your X4 is 100% ready for convenient, hands-free Bluetooth operation, both on iPhones and Android devices. Cab visibility is excellent and floor space is designed to accommodate the largest of work boots. Our ergonomic joysticks fit your hand perfectly. A sunroof with sunshade comes standard, with an optional retractable sunshade for the back window to reduce sun glare.

  5. Advanced Telematics

    All Link-Belt X4 Series machines come equipped with RemoteCARE®, our GPS fleet management system. RemoteCARE lets you remotely monitor and track a machine’s location, performance, working status, and maintenance information. Easy to read diagnostic trouble codes let you quickly assess machine conditions, along with security measures to protect your new X4. You can even set up daily, weekly, or monthly reports to manage your entire fleet of X4 machines! To sweeten the deal even more, we are offering FREE lifetime coverage to the original owner, transferable under most circumstances.

  6. Easy Serviceability

    Maintenance operations on the X4’s have been improved with a new tilting A/C condenser, easily removable and cleanable radiator screens, a standard battery disconnect switch, ground level access to air, oil, and fuel filters, and easy access to hydraulic oil and engine oil sample ports. The A/C air intake filter is on the outside of the cab and on the inside the fuse box can be accessed while sitting in the seat. EMS bushings throughout the attachment provide longer life and extended grease intervals. The X4 monitor has 14 different service interval reminders, making keeping up with machine maintenance simple and worry free.

  7. Get it Right the First Time

    Link-Belt Precision Grade®—powered by Trimble® Earthworks—enables operators to see bucket position relative to the desired grade as they work. No more under or over excavating. Visual and audible cues insure you meet your target grade every time. Minimal grade staking and checking enhances jobsite safety and efficiency. Operators at all skill levels achieve improved grading productivity and accuracy with Precision Grade. It helps newer operators complete their jobs faster, with greater accuracy and a higher-level of confidence, saving significant time and money.

  8. Exceptional Warranty Coverage

    We back up our X4 excavators with a comprehensive end-to-end X4 Standard Warranty package* that clearly differentiates them from the rest of the field. Standard coverage includes a 5-year/5,000-hour full machine and a 5-year /10,000-hour structural warranty. Get added piece of mind with an XtraCare Extended Warranty to help control the cost of unexpected repairs after the standard warranty period expires. Mix and match coverage options to create a personalized package that fits your needs. Best of all, these packages are fully transferrable, increasing the resale value of your Link-Belt excavator! See dealer for restrictions.

    *Applies to new X4 excavators purchased after July 1, 2020

  9. Continuous Improvement

    We never rest on our laurels. Link-Belt listens closely to our customers to make sure that our products, features and options are perfectly suited to the work they need to do. In turn, that feedback allows us to build machines that are as productive, efficient, comfortable, and durable as possible. With this much customer input and attention to detail on the front end, it’s no surprise that Link-Belt excavators keep working hard day after day and retain great resale value down the line.

  10. Customer-focused Dealer Network

    Link-Belt Excavator dealers are ready to become strategic partners to help your business succeed. Offering a variety of sales, rental and service options, they understand the work you do, and are focused on helping you find the right solutions for your challenges. They can also structure financing programs to fit your needs perfectly. Industry experience, quick response and innovative solutions…that’s the Link-Belt dealer difference.

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